Fast facial rejuvenation at home

skin rejuvenation mask

With age, women's skin begins to lose moisture and subcutaneous fat, resulting in dryness and the first mimicking wrinkles. Fast facial rejuvenation at home will help to slow down the skin aging process. And if you do this procedure regularly, your skin will keep looking fresh and radiant for a long time.

Facial skin rejuvenation at home is carried out in several ways: cosmetics and traditional medicine. And if, at the same time, a woman does not forget to take care of herself, wash her makeup daily and apply moisturizers, then the effect of rejuvenation at home can surpass even the results of hardware cosmetology.

Benefits of facial rejuvenation at home

The biggest advantage of the at-home rejuvenation procedure is the pleasant sensations of the process itself. Take, for example, facial massage. The actions you perform with your fingers relax your facial muscles and refresh your skin.

Another advantage of home rejuvenation is the availability of the means used:

  1. Peels, scrubs and masks can be prepared by each of the products that are available in each refrigerator.
  2. All products prepared at home are absolutely natural and do not contain harmful substances.
  3. Any homemade cosmetic product will cost much less than if you bought it in a store.

Lotions for quick facial rejuvenation

Lotions do an excellent job with the first signs of skin aging. And because they are made from natural products, the effect of their use cannot be compared to any store-bought product.

Fresh parsley lotion perfectly smoothes the skin and refreshes the complexion. To prepare this lotion, you need to take a small amount of fresh parsley (you can even use the stalks) and pour boiling water over it. After the herb is in boiling water, the broth must be decanted and half a glass of dry white wine must be added to it. The lotion is ready to use. It is recommended to apply it twice a day on a clean face.

Quick facial rejuvenation at home is possible with the help of cucumber lotion. To prepare it, take a cucumber and chop it with a blender. Transfer the resulting mass to a small container and fill with vodka. We insist on the future lotion for two weeks, after which it can be used. This remedy is ideal for those with naturally oily skin - the alcohol dries the skin and removes residual fat, and the cucumber evens out the complexion, giving the skin a matte finish.

Masks for facial rejuvenation at home

Masks are a universal remedy for aging skin care. And anti-aging masks made with natural ingredients are a way to return skin to its former freshness quickly and cheaply. Also, the mask is a more effective skin care product than lotions.

A mask made from milk has a good effect on the skin condition. To do this, fresh milk needs to be slightly heated and flour added to it to make a fine paste. Add a yolk there and mix everything well. Now the mask can be applied to a clean face, wait a few minutes and then wash your face with warm water, after which it can be wiped off with a napkin dipped in lemon juice. You can use this mask once every three days.

In summer, you can prepare a good herbal mask. To do this, take fresh leaves from the currant bush, banana, linden, wild strawberry and yarrow. If you suddenly can't find yarrow, you can buy it in a pharmacy in dry form. In extreme cases, you can do without it. Grind the collected herbs, mix and pour boiling water until a homogeneous and thick mass is obtained. When it cools, it can be applied to the face. It is best to do this with your hands, distributing the grass evenly over the entire face. After fifteen minutes, the herbal mask can be washed off.

With no effort and extra money, you can prepare a rejuvenating mask from mashed potatoes. It will especially attract dry skin owners. To do this, peel some potatoes, boil them and mash them. We apply hot puree on the face and leave it for a while. Then remove the potato from your face and clean it with a damp cotton ball. The effect of the mask will be simply amazing: wrinkles will be smoothed and the skin will acquire a healthy tone.

If nature has rewarded you with oily skin with enlarged pores, the following remedy is designed specifically for you. Take the olive oil and castor oil. Mix them in equal proportions and apply with massaging movements on the face. Leave the oils for a while, even overnight, after which we remove the remaining oils with a damp cotton. After the first use, you will see how your face is refreshed. And that's not surprising, because castor oil is better for clearing pores, and olive oil smoothes the skin and evens out the complexion. It is recommended to use this tool on a cleansed, steamed face no more than once a week. When oils are washed off the face, you can apply a nourishing cream or cleanse the skin with cucumber lotion, the recipe for which is described above.